Young Kim to run for Congress in the 39th District

FULLERTON, CA – – Young Kim announced this evening that she will run for Congress in the 39th district, with the support of current Representative Ed Royce.

“I pledge to continue the service-oriented and dedicated representation that Ed Royce is known for,” said Young Kim. “The 39th district is vibrant, diverse and spread over three counties. I have worked with Rep. Royce in all the communities in the district and understand the issues and challenges faced by our residents.

“In Congress, I will focus on policies that provide economic opportunities for the people in our district-good jobs, thriving businesses and access to the finest health care and educational opportunities in our nation. I will continue Congressman Royce’s work to improve our relations with other nations and to keep our country safe and secure,” Kim concluded.

As an immigrant to the United States Young Kim has a unique perspective on the American Dream, one that has led her to devote almost her entire adult life to community service. Her career began as a small business owner and financial analyst. Her public service began more than 25 years ago, when Young went to work for U.S. Representative Ed Royce, eventually becoming his Director of Community Operations.

Kim was elected to the 65th District of the California State Assembly in 2014. Despite long odds, Young Kim unseated a fully funded incumbent to become the first ever Korean-American woman elected to serve in the State Assembly. Continuing her community involvement, Young Kim has founded and continues to serve on the Board of Directors for numerous local non-profit organizations. Young and her husband Charles are the proud parents of four grown children.