On the Issues

“The partisan political pressures of Washington are intense, but playing favorites and catering to special interests is not on my agenda. Rather, I govern by putting the interests of my constituents first, by standing up for my patriotic principles, and never taking for granted the trust placed in me.” – Young Kim


Creating Jobs and Strengthening our Economy

As a small business owner, Young knows what it takes to create an environment where jobs can be created and workers can thrive. 

Young believes in policies that directly help small businesses and working families who are facing unprecedented hardships and worsening economic conditions. The best way to keep good paying jobs in Southern California is by getting rid of every unnecessary regulation, backing free market policies, and working with state and local leaders to create an environment where business can prosper.

Combating Rising Inflation Crushing Working Families

Young Kim sees the crushing impact that skyrocketing inflation is having on working class families. 

Whether at the grocery store or the gas pump, Young knows rising prices are holding families back from economic opportunity.

Young Kim knows what it takes to create an environment where jobs can be created and workers can thrive. She understands that reckless spending in Washington is worsening and prolonging the inflation crisis, making it impossible for the economy to recover.

Securing Our Border

Stopping the illegal entry of migrants, drugs, and weapons is a top  priority for Young Kim. This begins on our Southern Border, which the Biden administration has failed to secure and has put our community at risk. Young believes the record number of illegal border crossings and record numbers of illegal drugs entering the country today is completely unacceptable.

As a proud immigrant, Young wants people from around the world to be able to legally immigrate into our country, become citizens, and achieve the American Dream. However, our immigration system is broken and it must be fixed. Young will work with anyone who is willing to fix our immigration system while increasing border security.

Cutting Taxes and Protecting our Pocketbooks


Young knows that the hard working men and women of Southern California are already taxed and

 regulated too much. Working Californians need to be able to keep more of their hard earned money, and the best way to keep good paying jobs in Southern California is by getting rid of unnecessary regulation, backing free market policies, and working with state and local leaders to create an environment where business can prosper.

Californians face the heaviest tax burden of any state in the nation, which is why Young will always fight to lower our taxes. Through bipartisan action, Young is working to provide much-needed tax relief by fully repealing the cap on State and Local Tax (SALT) deductions.

Standing with Law Enforcement and Keeping Our Communities Safe

It is not lost on Young that every day, thousands of individuals put on a uniform and work around the clock to keep our community safe. Young knows that these heroes ensure the rule of law is enforced and the prosperity we cherish and enjoy continues.

In America today, violent crime is on the rise. To protect communities, law enforcement must have the support and tools they require to adequately deal with new criminals targeting businesses, families and individuals.

Strengthening Our National Security

Young Kim believes that a strong America must lead the world by defending the values that have made our country great and have given so many hope. The world’s best chance at peace and stability comes when America is leading. 

Young Kim is restoring American global leadership by standing up to Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and other strongmen dictators and regimes that don’t share our values.

Honoring Our Veterans

Young believes that we owe a great debt to those who have served in our nation’s armed services. As a member of Congress, she’s met the brave men and women, and their families, who proudly have served our nation in uniform. She is fighting to make sure that veterans receive the quality care that they were promised and increase accessibility in Southern California.

Empowering Teachers and Investing In Our Schools

Top-down, one-size-fits-all policies from Washington don’t work in our local schools. Young believes firmly in the importance of school choice and that parents and teachers know best how local students learn and succeed – not entrenched government administrators. She’s fought for increased STEM education funding and to make sure education dollars go to teachers and classrooms not bureaucrats in Sacramento or Washington, D.C.

Making Healthcare & Prescription Drugs Affordable & Accessible

The path to affordable, available, and accessible healthcare starts with a free and open market. It’s basic economics – when there is a competitive marketplace, costs are driven down. Extreme socialist healthcare proposals that advocate for a government takeover of healthcare would eliminate private insurance and drastically increase taxes while failing to improve the quality and affordability of critical health services. Young believes in market-based solutions that give Americans the care they deserve while driving down the unacceptable costs of prescription drugs.

Addressing the Homeless Crisis

As homelessness continues to rise in California, we must build a strategic and compassionate approach to solving this crisis. This starts by enabling economic conditions that don’t price residents out of the basic living necessities. Housing prices and standard cost of living in our state are simply not conducive to the desirable middle class lifestyle that so many strive for. Every level of government must prioritize building and maintaining economic conditions that are competitive and prioritize growth, while ensuring our societal safety net is securely in place. From local services that provide mental health services to job placement support, the government must be there for those who need it.

Combating COVID-19 Head-On and Reinvigorating Our Economy

As our nation faces the fight of our lifetime, Young understands the important role congressional leaders must play to guide our nation through this crisis and ensure it comes out the other end stronger and more prepared than ever before.

Young is committed  to ensuring Americans have access to quality and affordable healthcare that can help them through this crisis. She is working with federal officials to minimize the damage of this pandemic and put in place guardrails to prevent a resurgence or future pandemic.

As our Congresswoman, Young has worked with her colleagues to study the early missteps responding to this pandemic and invest in our emergency preparedness. Young has backed bipartisan legislation that invests in our economy, gives small businesses the resources they need to recover, and brings jobs back quickly.