Working for YOU in Congress

“I’m proud of the results we have been able to deliver for this community in just one term. As one of the most productive members of Congress, I want my community to know I am their fighter in Congress, and will always put their needs above politics.” – Young Kim

In Congress, Young Kim has…

Worked to combat skyrocketing inflation and lower rising prices.

  • Congresswoman Kim called on Gavin Newsom to suspend California’s gas tax, which is the highest in the country. 
  • Young Kim introduced legislation that promotes energy security and independence, helping lower our gas prices that are crushing families and small businesses. 
  • In Congress, Young has pushed for solutions to the supply chain crisis that is increasing prices on Americans and has left store shelves empty.
  • Young Kim helped introduce legislation to end reckless spending that drives inflation.

Sought to keep our communities safe amid rising crime and has always supported law enforcement.

  • Congresswoman Kim introduced a bill to crack down on the out-of-control retail theft and smash and grab crimes in California. The bill would direct the Department of Justice, Homeland Security, and other relevant federal agencies to produce a strategy to address retail theft. 
  • Young Kim has supported law enforcement by leading a bill that would increase funding for communities to hire more police to keep Californians safe.
  • In Congress, Young secured critical funding for the North Orange County Law Enforcement Taskforce to improve coordination among cities to reduce homelessness and prevent crime in the region.

Fought President Biden’s reckless border policies.

  • Kim introduced legislation that creates a comprehensive plan to secure the border. 
  • Rep. Kim has fought to keep President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policies that would help secure the border and end the border crisis.
  • Congresswoman Kim has visited the Southern Border three times to talk to law enforcement and find solutions to secure the border and end the current border crisis.

Advocated for our Veterans.

  • In her first term, Young Kim passed into law a bill that expands access to benefits for thousands of veterans by making resources more readily available to all that have served. 
  • Congresswoman Kim has worked with the Veterans Affairs Committee to increase access to veterans care in Southern California. 
  • In Congress, Young Kim has led the charge to protect our veterans. She has worked to increase Veterans’ access to benefits, expand options for mental health resources, lower wait times at Veterans Affairs hospitals, and ensure our troops have access to the highest quality healthcare available.  
  • Congresswoman Kim voted in favor of Honoring our PACT Act to expand and improve benefits for veterans exposed to burn pits and other dangerous toxins.

Fought to lower our taxes.

  • Congresswoman Kim is the main sponsor of the SALT Deductibility Act which would cut taxes on millions of Californians by repealing the cap on the State and Local Tax Deduction.
  • Young Kim voted against billions in tax increases and has promised to vote against any additional tax increases during her time in Congress.
  • Congresswoman Kim helped introduce legislation to stop the IRS from unfairly penalizing American taxpayers waiting on delayed tax refunds.  
  • Young Kim voted to rescind funding that would allow the IRS to snoop on law-abiding American taxpayers

Stood up to communist China and is working to restore American leadership abroad.

  • Congresswoman Kim introduced the DICTATOR Act which holds China accountable for helping Russia evade sanctions stemming from their invasion of Ukraine.
  • Young Kim introduced legislation that demands answers from the Biden Administration for the disastrous Afghanistan military withdrawal that led to the death of 13 U.S. soldiers and resulted in hundreds of Americans being left behind.
  • Kim introduced legislation to ban the Chinese Communist Party’s ownership of TikTok.

Protected small businesses and worked to create jobs.

  • Congresswoman Kim introduced the Paycheck Protection Program Extension Act which was signed into law and helped small businesses keep their doors open, saving thousands of jobs in California. The extension allowed millions of small businesses to receive $54 billion in PPP loans. 
  • Young Kim introduced legislation that helps small businesses grow, expand, and get off the ground, which has helped create local jobs and grow the economy. 
  • In Congress, Young has made sure small businesses have the loans they need to grow and create jobs in our communities.

Expanded and improved healthcare options.

  • Young Kim has fought roll back cuts to Medicare that would have hurt seniors’ quality and access to healthcare.
  • Congresswoman Kim supported legislation that would make Medicare more affordable and make enrolling in healthcare more accessible. 
  • Young Kim has worked to expand healthcare options for seniors and veterans, and has supported legislation that improves access and affordability in healthcare by expanding tele-health options, mental health resources, and protecting Medicare. 
  • Young Kim has worked to expand healthcare options for all Americans by creating access to high-quality, affordable healthcare that lowers the cost of prescription drugs and expands protections for pre-existing conditions.