Young Kim: “Congress Must Act to Stop Future Family Separation”

As an immigrant, mother, and American, it breaks my heart to see families separated and I am relieved that an executive order, stopping the policy of family separation, was issued. We should have never ended up at this point but now Congress must pass legislation to stop this from happening in the future.

I believe that we must enforce our laws, secure our borders, and encourage legal immigration to this country. However, while doing this we must make sure that our laws are enforced in a humane way that upholds the values that so many come to this country to pursue. The policy of separating families that cross the border illegally does not live up to these values. We must work to preserve family unity and keep children safe throughout our immigration system.

Issues with our immigration system have persisted because of the broken politics of Washington. Politicians would rather demonize their political opponents than address the problems we face. This must stop and as your Representative I will work to bridge the partisan divide and deliver results that matter to the people of this District.