Gil Cisneros’ Frivolous Lawsuit Slapped Down By Judge

SACRAMENTO COUNTY — Lotto winner Gil Cisneros’ campaign continues to try to bully opponents in the campaign for California’s 39th¬†Congressional District, but his campaign was served a setback today as a frivolous claim against Young Kim was soundly rejected by the court.

Cisneros’ campaign challenged Young Kim’s ballot title as “Small Business Owner”, despite her work as owner of YK Connections, a community public relations company based in the district.

“Winning the lotto doesn’t give you the right to bully other candidates and it certainly doesn’t mean you can buy an election,” said Kim Spokesperson Dave Gilliard.¬† “Cisneros has been throwing his lotto winnings around in an attempt to buy this election since the Primary, when he tried to intimidate his Democratic opponents. The Judge saw right through this false lawsuit and outright rejected this attempt to smear Young Kim’s well documented history as a local small-business owner. Unfortunately for Gil, being a lotto winner doesn’t mean you get your way when you are in the wrong.”