Judge Rejects Lawsuit Challenging GOP Candidate’s ‘Small Business Owner’ Status

A California judge rejected a lawsuit aimed at denying GOP candidate Young Kim, who is running to replace Rep. Ed Royce (R., Calif.), the right to identify herself as a small business owner on the November ballot.

Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner, in his ruling last week, determined that the suit did not contain sufficient evidence to raise legitimate legal questions about Kim’s use of the label.

“The court is not convinced petitioners have even made a prima facie showing Kim’s ‘small business owner’ ballot designation is either false or misleading,” the judge wrote. “Assuming they did, Kim’s declaration sufficiently rebuts any such showing.”

The Kim campaign blamed Democratic opponent Gil Cisneros for using part of his $266 million in lottery winnings to fund the “frivolous” lawsuit they say is aimed at impugning her honesty and legitimate public relations work as the owner of YK Connections.

“Winning the lotto doesn’t give you the right to bully other candidates, and it certainly doesn’t mean you can buy an election,” said Kim spokesman David Gilliard. “The judge saw right through this false lawsuit and outright rejected this attempt to smear Young Kim’s well-documented history as a local small-business owner.”


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