Young Kim for Congress releases new TV ad titled ‘My Community’

La Habra, CA — Young Kim for Congress has released a new TV ad titled ‘My Community’ highlighting the dysfunction in Washington, the increasing cost of living in California and her opponent’s inability to relate to the economic struggles voters in the 39th District are facing. The thirty-second spot also focuses on Kim’s work for the community’s most vulnerable such as the homeless, veterans, victims of domestic violence and senior citizens.

Watch ‘My Community’ below:

The full transcript of the ad can be found below:

Young Kim: I’m Young Kim and I approve this message.

The dysfunction in Sacramento and Washington has made California unaffordable. 

Our politicians don’t seem to understand that. I don’t think my opponent understand that. He hit a jackpot. 

I’m self-made. I raised my family here. We live here. I helped our most vulnerable. Seniors, children, Veterans, homeless and victims of domestic violence.  

I don’t give up. This is my community. This is worth fighting for.  

The 39th Congressional District is split between Orange, Los Angeles and San Bernardino counties.