New Majority Orange County Chapter Announces Endorsement for Young Kim

New Majority Backs Kim as it Ramps Up Efforts to Help Retake the House

Fullerton, CA – The New Majority Orange County Chapter announced their support for Young Kim as they focus their efforts on helping Republicans take back the House in 2020. The announcement marks the 10th local organization to back the former Assemblywoman and adds to her list of over 200 local and national leaders, organizations, and elected officials. 

The Orange County Chapter of the New Majority works to promote a fiscally responsible philosophy in government and supports Republican candidates that fight for these ideals. As the organization fights tax increases at all levels of government, it has focused its political influence on growing the number of Republicans in the state legislature and in Congress along with recruiting young, ethnic, and women voters to the Republican Party. 

In their announcement, Orange County Chairman, Steve Craig stated, “Young’s own American Dream success story has driven her to ensure that dream remains alive for others. In Washington, talk is cheap, but Young has a proven record as a responsive leader who fights for fairness and opportunity for all, regardless of background. She has earned the enthusiastic support of many in her community and is respected on both sides of the political aisle.”

“Young is working hard to consolidate support at the community, state, and national level. As our campaign continues to announce these key endorsements, we are also working hard to raise the money needed to beat Gil Cisneros next fall,” said Sam Oh, general consultant on Young’s race. “We are not just building a competitive campaign, we are building the infrastructure it will take to win.”

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