Maverick PAC Names Young Kim to 2020 “MavPAC Majority Makers” List

MavPAC Commits Support, Fundraising to Key Congressional Candidates 

Fullerton, CA – Maverick PAC released their list of ten rising candidates for Congress that they plan to offer support to this cycle, dubbed MavPAC Majority Makers. Young Kim joins nine other Republicans aiming to take out vulnerable Democrats or running in open competitive seats on the PAC’s list of endorsed candidates.

For the last 15 years, MavPAC has been the premier national donor network of conservative young professionals. The group focuses on engaging the next generation of American leaders and works to elect qualified Republican candidates. The candidates are chosen through a democratic voting process by MavPAC’s membership, which includes more than 500 young professionals from across the country. The candidates with the most votes receive the endorsement and financial support from the organization.

In the release, MavPAC National Chairman Fritz Brogan states, “We believe these candidates will make exemplary elected officials and represent a new wave of pragmatic, results-oriented “mavericks” that will help Republicans take back the majority.”

In 2018, MavPAC Contributed nearly $200,000 towards Congressional candidates. This is the earliest the PAC has gotten involved in an election cycle, showing the organization’s strength and commitment to winning back the majority in Congress.

“The future of the Republican Party starts with Millennials and I’m so proud to receive the endorsement of an organization that includes some of the brightest young conservatives across the country. MavPAC’s support is crucial as we fight to unseat Gil Cisneros and I’m excited to work with them to take back the Republican majority,” said Young Kim.