Gil Cisneros Sides with Unions Over Workers’ Rights

In Key Vote on Nationwide Version of AB5, Cisneros Strengthens Unions’ Power Instead of Protecting Workers’ Rights

Fullerton, CA – This month, Congress took a critical vote on a law backed by labor unions that circumvents state-driven “Right to Work” laws. The legislation, dubbed The Protecting the Right to Organize Act (Pro Act), seeks to end the organizing freedom many states have granted workers and instead returns the power back to labor unions. Congressman Gil Cisneros is a cosponsor and advocate for this labor-led bill.

The Pro Act has consistently been compared to California’s Assembly Bill 5 (AB5), which takes similar actions to return power to the money-rich labor unions. AB5 has received heightened criticism for restricting workers’ rights and stifling economic growth by doing the bidding of politically influential labor unions. Labor unions saw a sharp decline in member dues and enrollment as states passed Right to Work laws that give workers the autonomy to decide not to join unions or be compelled to do so as a condition of employment.

“As a Representative from California, Gil Cisneros has a front row seat to the harm that AB5 has caused our state and the restrictions it puts on workers’ rights. He must be spending more time with labor union lobbyists than hearing from his constituents,” stated former Assemblywoman Young Kim. “Workers deserve the freedom to choose whether to unionize and Right to Work laws have proven successful across the country. The 39th District can rest assured that I won’t be swayed by labor union money, but instead I will fight for policies that empower workers and improve our state.”