Young Kim Denounces California’s Lawsuit against Uber and Lyft

Lawsuit Comes at a Time When Millions Are Out of Work and Leadership is Needed For Economic Recovery

Fullerton, CA – Young Kim, Congressional candidate for California’s 39th District, today denounced the decision by the State of California to sue rideshare companies Uber and Lyft.

“Suing companies that foster our gig economy during this COVID-19 pandemic that has seen millions lose their jobs is the kind of out-of-touch and nonsensical policies that are coming out of Sacramento.” Kim said. “AB 5 was already destroying jobs before this pandemic began and Sacramento is using taxpayer dollars to enforce this bill at the worst possible time, making it harder for people to work and earn money.”

Kim stressed that “at a time when we need to work to get the economy back on track from the hurt created by this COVID-19 pandemic, AB5 and this lawsuit will only work to drive jobs and innovative industries out of our state.”

Kim has highlighted the devastating consequences of AB5, especially during a time when many Americans are staying home and looking for economic lifelines.

Gil Cisneros supported a federal version of AB5, despite the harm that bill has caused California in lost jobs and the restrictions it puts on workers’ rights.

“We need real leadership and policies that will help businesses recover, create jobs, and get the economy moving again. Punishing those who provide jobs and will be essential to our economic recovery is not leadership,” Kim said.

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