Young Kim Blasts Speaker Pelosi’s Rush to Vote on Secretive $3 Trillion COVID-19 Bill

Kim Calls On Congress to Pursue a Bipartisan COVID-19 Package

Fullerton, CA – Young Kim, Congressional candidate for California’s 39th District, spoke out in opposition to a rushed vote on the recently unveiled partisan COVID-19 bill that Speaker Nancy Pelosi authored while the House of Representative was in recess. House Democratic leadership is pushing for a Friday vote on a $3 trillion package, that would be the largest spending bill in American history and was first announced Tuesday.

Young Kim called for Congress to review the legislation and put aside partisanship in order to craft a bill that will truly benefit the American people.

“During this time of crisis, it is imperative that we continue to address the COVID-19 pandemic, give our local governments the resources they need and help our small businesses. However this partisan legislation has not been reviewed by Congress and is being rushed to a vote without our representatives having a say,” said Young Kim. “While even his fellow Democrats are voicing their concern over the lack of transparency in the drafting of this legislation, Congressman Gil Cisneros has once again blindly fallen in line with his party leaders. The American people need to have a voice in this process and the people of the 39th District deserve a representative that will fight for them. Right now we have neither.”

To date, the House of Representatives has failed to hold hearings on the 1,800 page COVID-19 relief bill or hear input from rank and file members. The current bill includes various left wing priorities that have nothing to do with the COVID-19 pandemic and Democrats have acknowledged it to be more talking point than legislation.

“Using the COVID-19 pandemic, that has caused untold suffering, to fulfill a partisan political wishlist is indefensible. The people of the 39th District deserve results not political posturing,” Kim continued. “Speaker Pelosi should work across the aisle, build bipartisan consensus and put forth a bill that will benefit the American people during this pandemic.”