Young Kim Calls for A Bipartisan Effort to Address COVID-19 Recovery

The Partisan HEROES Act that Passed the House of Representatives Is Not Expected to Become Law 

Fullerton, CA – Congressional candidate for California’s 39th District, Young Kim, called for a bipartisan effort to address the continued impacts of COVID-19 on America. While Speaker Nancy Pelosi pushed through the “HEROES Act”, which garnered bipartisan opposition, it is expected to be dead on arrival in the United States Senate.

Young Kim called out Speaker Nancy Pelosi and those who pushed for a vote on the partisan legislation for abandoning the unity of the current moment in favor of partisan politics.

“Speaker Pelosi pushed a strictly partisan bill, authored in private and passed without consideration from our representatives, knowing it is going nowhere. Now is not the time for partisan games. The people of the 39th District are hurting, our cities are in desperate need of aid to fund essential services, and our small businesses are on the brink of losing everything. Unsurprisingly, Congressman Gil Cisneros once again sided with Speaker Pelosi over the people of the 39th District, and chose partisanship over getting results.

Kim continued in calling for a bipartisan effort to address the continuing crisis and get needed aid to individuals, cities, frontline workers and healthcare professionals across the 39th District.

“Congress must move forward in a bipartisan manner, crafting legislation that will adequately address the ongoing pandemic, quickly get relief to the American people, bolster COVID-19 testing, address our cities’ budget shortfalls for critical services, support small businesses and get our economy safely open and on the road to recovery.”

This statement comes days after Young Kim called on Congress to come together in the best interest of the American people.