Officials From Across CA-39 Speak in Opposition to Partisan HEROES Act

Officials Are Pushing for Bipartisan Action to Provide Aid to Those in Need

Fullerton, CA – Over the past week Mayors, City Council Members, and County Supervisors from across the 39th District have been speaking out in opposition to the partisan HEROES Act that the House of Representatives passed a week ago. Local governments have been hit hard by extra costs and a loss of revenue associated with COVID-19. They also work closely with families, small businesses and community groups that are feeling the significant impact of the worst health and economic crisis in our lifetime. The officials stressed the need for Congress to stop playing politics and pursue bipartisan legislation that will pass and provide our communities with much needed assistance.

“It is imperative that Congress acts quickly to stabilize local governments hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis. Unfortunately, instead of proposing a bill that can move through both chambers quickly, members of the House of Representatives are pushing a bill to score political bonus points… We need our leaders to work together to get results that will help our cities, families, and businesses get back on track.” –Curt Hagman, Chairman of the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors and former Mayor of Chino Hills

“Without bi-partisan support the HEROES Act will likely not allow cities to see the receive fiscal support from this bill.  The Congress needs to act as one unit and bring forward a bill that is focused on working with cities that are feeling the economic impacts of the COVID-19 on vital services.” –Marty Simonoff, Mayor of Brea

“Our city needs funding quickly and how the House of Reps is proceeding will only delay that aid!” – Tom Beamish, Mayor of La Habra

“Our cities are in dire need of funding to keep vital services going. The HEROES Act the House barely passed on Friday will delay this aid. It won’t pass the Senate because it’s filled with non-COVID-19 dollars. We need bi-partisanship now!” –Beth Haney, Mayor of Yorba Linda

“Pelosi’s latest political gambit would cost more than the prior four coronavirus bills combined! Moderate Democrats oppose it for including provisions to assist marijuana businesses! Congress should be focused on helping state and local governments, not funding Nancy Pelosi’s pet projects. She is despicable in her efforts to politicize this pandemic and ignore the needs of main street USA.” –Steve Tye, Mayor of Diamond Bar

“Our residents need more relief from Congress due to the impacts of COVID-19. Unfortunately, the HEROES Act pushed by our Orange County Congressional delegation actually does a disservice to our first responders, frontline workers, healthcare workers and businesses. This bill is partisan and unlikely to become law, which is going to further delay the aid our city and our residents need. Congress should follow the lead of cities like Anaheim – we’ve been bipartisan and nearly unanimous in helping residents we represent.” –Trevor O’Neil, Anaheim City Council Member representing Anaheim Hills

“Reading all the reports of the recent bill passed by the House of Representatives called the ‘HEROES Act’ reminds me of how out of touch are those that passed the act without bipartisan support. Cities and citizens need the help now. The intentional passage of the act with no possible chance of passing in the Senate was a political ploy that helps no one. Nancy needs to wake up to the reality of the harm she is causing.” –Bob Pacheco, Mayor Pro Tem of Walnut

“While the cities, such as Diamond Bar, need funding in order to keep our public services going, the HEROES Act has many flaws. A huge problem with the bill is that it doesn’t have bi-partisan support.  This means the Senate will not pass it.  We need the House of Representatives to go back to the table and put together a bill that has support on both sides of the aisle that fulfills the original purpose of the legislation delivering relief to those who need it which includes my city.” –Nancy Lyons, Mayor Pro Tem of Diamond Bar

“At this difficult time, we the people want representatives to put aside their partisan politics and get us the help we direly need. The HEROES Act does not do that.” –Eric Ching, Walnut City Council Member