A Look at Gil Cisneros’ Not So Independent Record

Cisneros Promised to be an Independent Representative then Voted 100% with Nancy Pelosi

Fullerton, CA – In 2018, while trying to get elected, Congressman Gil Cisneros promised voters he would be an ‘independent leader’ and assured them he would be a moderate representative that would reflect their values. 39th District voters trusted that Cisneros would work in a bipartisan way and buck his party’s leadership when they pushed policies that went against their interests. And why wouldn’t they, Gil Cisneros promised…

Once he got to Congress, it didn’t take long for Gil Cisneros to abandon his promises of independence and moderation:

First, Gil Cisneros pledged not to support Nancy Pelosi when she ran for Speaker of the House of Representatives. Then with his very first vote, he did just that. From that day forward, he has followed his party’s leadership wherever they have led him, leaving a trail of broken promises in his wake.

Next, Cisneros followed up his first broken promise by abandoning his pledge to be an independent representative and voting with Nancy Pelosi a stunning 100% of the time.

Every time Nancy Pelosi needed Gil Cisneros to side with her over his constituents, he was happy to do it. Cisneros loyally voted with Pelosi time and time again. When his party leadership asked him to vote for a national version of California’s disastrous job killing AB 5 law, Cisneros loyally complied. And when Pelosi asked Cisneros to choose his party over getting much needed aid to the 39th District, Cisneros voted for a partisan relief bill that had no chance of becoming law.

Cisneros even shredded his promise not to accept any PAC donations and accepted $1 million from PACs, including tens of thousands from Pelosi and House Democratic leadership. He was even caught lying to voters and a reporter about his deceit.

It’s now clearer than ever that Gil Cisneros cannot be trusted to represent the people of the 39th District. Cisneros is willing to say one thing to get elected and do another when he gets to Washington.

See Young Kim for Congress’ ad highlighting Cisneros’ broken promise here.


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