Website Launched Highlighting Cisneros’ Broken Promises

Cisneros’ Record of Broken Promises has Been the Centerpiece of the Race for the 39th District

Fullerton, CA – Young Kim for Congress has unveiled a website highlighting Gil Cisneros’ record of broken promises during his first term in Congress. As a candidate, Cisneros made promises to 39th District voters that he had no intention of keeping- to be a moderate representative, not to take PAC contributions, and to oppose Nancy Pelosi’s run for Speaker of the House. He has spent his time in Congress putting his interest ahead of his constituents’ and breaking those promises one by one. exposes those lies in his own words and lays out the choice for voters in November. They have to choose between Gil Cisneros, a lying politician who never makes a promise he can’t break and Young Kim, who has dedicated her career to fighting for the 39th District community and is a trusted leader committed to working in a bipartisan way to get real results.

View the website here.


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