Young Kim Delivers Wins for Small Businesses

Young Kim has Remained Focused on Helping Small Businesses,
as Far-Left Policies Raise Spending and Inflation 

Fullerton, CA – As America approaches a major turning point in the recovery from COVID-19, Representative Young Kim has delivered important wins for small business owners and employees alike. In just the last few months, Young led the passage of three critical pieces of bipartisan legislation directly aimed at helping small businesses as they rebuild from the pandemic. 

Young Kim’s top focus has been ensuring that small business owners have the tools and support they need to recover from the pandemic, reopen, and create jobs. Young has helped pass legislation that gave small businesses extended access to the critical Paycheck Protection Program, strengthens loan programs that allow small business owners and manufacturers grow and hire more workers, a critical part of getting our economy operating at pre-pandemic levels. 

As Young Kim works to secure the aid necessary to give businesses and manufacturers a boost, she has also been focused on including strict government oversight requirements to reduce fraud in these programs and protect taxpayer dollars.

The passage of these commonsense bills comes at a time where the far-left is pushing policies that are causing millions of job openings to go unfilled and raising spending to unprecedented levels as inflation rates grow- making it harder for businesses to recover and Americans to get by.

“Since coming into office, my highest priority has been to get small businesses back on their feet,” said Rep. Kim. “By ensuring America’s entrepreneurs have access to the capital they need to make hires and invest in themselves, we can accomplish this. Small businesses are integral to our economy and communities, and I’m determined to do everything in my power to protect and support them.” 

Rep. Young Kim represents California’s 39th Congressional District, which includes portions of Orange, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties. Young Kim is a first generation Korean-American who ran for Congress to ensure every American has a chance at the American Dream. She was elected to Congress in November 2020 and sits on the House 

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